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SRS Manuals

Audio Analyzers
SR1 Audio Analyzer
PERF10 10 MHz Rubidium Audio Clock
FFT Spectrum Analyzers
SR760/770 FFT Spectrum Analyzers
SR780 Dynamic Signal Analyzer
SR785 Dynamic Signal Analyzer
Synthesized Function Generators
DS335 Function Generator
DS340 Function/Arb Generator
DS345 Function/Arb Generator
DS360 Low Distortion Function Generator
RF Signal Generators
SG380 RF Signal Generators
SG390 Vector Signal Generators
Synthesized Clock Generator
CG635 Synthesized Clock Generator
LCR Meters
SR715 LCR Meter
SR720 LCR Meter
Time Interval / Frequency Counters
SR620 Time Interval and Frequency Counter
SR625 Frequency Counter with Rb Timebase
Frequency Standards/Oscillators
FS725 Rubidium Frequency Standard
PRS10 Rubidium Frequency Standard
Distribution Amplifiers
FS730 Distribution Amplifier Systems
FS735 Distribution Amplifier Systems
FS710 Distribution Amplifier Systems
Thermocouple Monitor
SR630 Thermocouple Reader
Dual Channel Programmable Filters
SR640 Programmable Filters
SR645 Programmable Filters
SR650 Programmable Filters
Laser Diode Controller
LDC500 Laser Diode Controller
LDC501 Laser Diode Controller
LDC502 Laser Diode Controller
Optical Shutter Systems
SR470 Laser Shutter Controller
SR474 Four-Channel Laser Shutter Driver
Temperature Controller
PTC10 Programmable Temperature Controller
CTC100 Cryogenic Temperature Controller
Digital Delay / Pulse Generator
DG645 Digital Delay/Pulse Generator
DG535 Digital Delay/Pulse Generator
Lock-In Amplifiers
SR510 Lock-In Amplifier
SR530 Lock-In Amplifier
SR810 DSP Lock-In Amplifier
SR830 DSP Lock-In Amplifier
SR844 200 MHz RF Lock-In Amplifier
SR850 DSP Lock-In Amplifier
SR124 Analog Lock-In Amplifier
SR2124 Analog Lock-In Amplifier
SR860 Lock-In Amplifier
SR865A Lock-In Amplifier
SX199 Optical Interface Controller
SR560 Low-Noise Voltage Preamplifier
SR570 Low-Noise Current Amplifier
CS580 Voltage Controlled Current Source
SR445A 350 MHz Preamplifier
SR550 FET Input Preamplifier
SR552 BJT Input Preamplifier
SR554 Transformer Preamplifier
SR555 Current Preamplifier
SR556 Current Preamplifier
Optical Chopper
SR540 Optical Chopper
High Voltage Power Supplies
PS310,325,350 High Voltage Power Supplies
PS355,365 High Voltage Power Supplies
PS370,375 High Voltage Power Supplies
Gated Integrators/Boxcar Averagers
Boxcar Series Gated Integrators / Boxcar Averagers
SR272 Software Boxcar Series Software
Small Instrumentation Modules (SIM)
SIM900 Mainframe
SIM910 JFET Voltage Preamplifier
SIM911 BJT Voltage Preamplifier
SIM914 350 MHz Preamplifier
SIM918 Precision Current Preamplifier
SIM921 AC Resistance Bridge
SIM922 Diode Temperature Monitor
SIM923 Pt RTD Temperature Monitor
SIM922A Temperature Monitor
SIM923A Temperature Monitor
SIM925 Octal Four-wire Multiplexer
SIM928 Isolated Voltage Source
SIM940 Rubidium Frequency Standard
SIM954 300 MHz Inverting Amplifier
SIM960 Analog PID Controller
SIM964 Analog Limiter
SIM965 Analog Filter
SIM970 Quad Digital Voltmeter
SIM980 Summing Amplifier
SIM983 Scaling Amplifier
SIM984 Isolation Amplifier
SIM9B1 Blank single-wide SIM module
SIM9B2 Blank double-wide SIM module
Photon Counters
SR400 Dual Channel Gated Photon Counter
SR430 Multichannel Scaler / Averager
Potentiostat / Galvanostat
EC301 Potentiostat / Galvanostat
Quartz Crystal Microbalance
QCM200 Quartz Crystal Microbalances
Melting Point Apparatus
MPA100 Automated Melting Point System
MPA160 Student Melting Point System
Nitrogen Laser
NL100 Nitrogen Laser
Gas Analyzers
RGA Residual Gas Analyzers
BGA244 Binary Gas Analyzer
CIS Closed Ion Source Gas Analyzers
PPPM100 Partial Pressure Monitor
UGAPM Process Monitoring Systems
PPR Process Monitoring Systems
QMS Atmospheric Sampling Systems
UGA Universal Gas Analyzer
UGAHT rHigh TemperatureGas Analyzer
ULT Universal Gas Analyzer
REA RGA Ethernet Adapter
Ion Gauge Controller/Gauges
IGC100 Ion Gauge Controller
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