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RGA LabVIEW Development Kit

Introducing the RGA LabVIEW Development Kit consisting of a RGA LabVIEW Application example and all the LabVIEW drivers you need to create custom applications immediately.

RGA LabVIEW Application is a stand-alone software program for easy operation and control of all SRS RGAs from any Windows PC computer. RGA LabVIEW offers a very intuitive user interface and packs a powerful set of features which include analog scanning, single mass measurement, partial pressure vs. time display, leak testing (with audio feedback) and data logging capabilities. All acquired data can be stored in convenient spreadsheet compatible format for later review. RGA LabVIEW was entirely developed within the LabVIEW graphical programming environment, but operates as a stand-alone application that runs on any Windows PC. Owning a copy of LabVIEW is not required. Simply load the executable program into your computer and run it as you would with any other software. A free, fully-functional, downloadable version of RGA LabVIEW is available from the SRS website for evaluation; see Software Downloads.

RGA LabVIEW Development Kit is a complete set of fully-tested LabVIEW drivers specifically created to help LabVIEW programmers develop customized RGA applications without having to generate SRS RGA-specific VI diagrams. The Development Kit also includes the complete source code for the RGA LabVIEW Application, making it possible to modify the program to fit any user-specific application requirements. Following National Instrument's standards, the VIs in the set are divided into three hierarchical layers. See the hierarchical tree diagram below for a detailed description of the different VIs and their specific functions. Example VIs, such as the simple Applications VI below, demonstrate how the Development Kit VIs are used in custom applications. The entire kit can be downloaded directly from

The combination of the LabVIEW graphical programming platform with a LabVIEW Development Kit provides the fastest, most flexible, reliable and powerful path to develop customized gas analysis applications for SRS RGA users. Using the RGA Labview Development Kit, and with very little extra effort, a software developer can easily:

  • Incorporate your own custom VIs into the RGA LabVIEW Application to allow acquisition, display and correlation of data from multiple devices such as total pressure gauges, mass flow controllers, pump controllers, thermocouples, and so on.
  • Modify the RGA LabVIEW visual VIs, including front panels, graphs, tables, and user interface elements to meet specific data display requirements, and highlight critical readings.
  • Use the capabilities of LabVIEW 6i to broadcast RGA data over the Internet or any local network.
    Incorporate RGA specific drivers into other high level VIs to port RGA data into your pre-existing LabVIEW applications.
  • Develop stand-alone custom programs for highly specialized applications such as temperature programmed and laser desorption studies, secondary ion mass spectrometry, plasma analysis, leak testing, specialized gas composition analysis, and so on.
Product Specifications
  RGA LabVIEW Development Kit
Contents RGA Labview Application
RGA LabVIEW Development Kit. Includes source code.
RGA Products Supported RGA100/200/300, PPR100/200/300, and QMS 100/200/300.
Communications Interface RS-232
Communications Baud Rate 28,800 kbps
LabVIEW Requirement LabVIEW 5.1 minimum. LabVIEW 6i recommended.
Computer Requirements For Windows NT, use Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 3 or later
32 MB RAM minimum, 64 MB recommended
170 MB RAM disk space for full LabVIEW installation*
Hierarchical Tree Diagram




Applications Layer


Operations Layer




Communications Layer

Example VI Measure Partial Pressures

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