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FS725 Tech Support

If you are experiencing trouble with your FS725 you can either send your instrument back to SRS for service, or you can try and fix the problem yourself. If you wish to send the instrument back now click here.

If you wish to try and fix the problem yourself, the following troubleshooting guide may help you.

FS725 Troubleshooting Guide

Upgrade existing units with additional outputs

If you want to upgrade your existing FS725 unit with optional Distribution Amplifiers, you can either send your instrument back to SRS for service or you can try installing the option yourself.

Click here to download the installation procedure. You will need to call SRS at 408-744-9040 or email us at info@thinkSRS.com to place your order for the GPIB interface.

If you are still having trouble your FS725, it will need to come back to SRS for service. Click here to get an RMA number.

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